Alexandre & Lara
06th October 2018

We're getting married!

Alexandre and Lara are getting married and we formally invite you to celebrate and share this special day with us. We've chosen Villa Monticelli in Perugia, Italy as the venue for the big day. Perugia is not far from Rome with beautiful views, delicious chocolates and unique wines. Our wedding will be a holiday for you to remember.

I do!
Me too!
A snippet of our journey so far...

17 January: We met

Although we were born and raised 250 miles from each other, it took us 5200 miles to find each other and have our first date. Both being from Europe we had plenty to talk about (well mainly football) and of course the Elephant in the room British vs the French. We will just leave it there for now...

10 June: Our first road trip

After a few months of dating we decided to hit the road and spend the weekend camping somewhere above the Clouds. Theres a long story of how we set up camp next to something right out of the deliverance but we will save that story for in person. Lets just say that the camping trip was a success and we managed to survive in the wilderness together

27 September: We got a cat

Lara tests Alex's potential parenting skills. Somehow I think they will get on just fine...


27 August: Our first apartment

As the months roll on, another year passes and we realise we are spending more time at each others places then we do seperatly. We decided to turn it up a notch and become roomies too! The cat loved this idea.

Thanksgiving: The Grand Canyon

When is the only time couples argue? When you are in the car on a long drive. So we put this to the test and set off for a Thanksgiving road trip to The Grand Canyon. Driving across Nevada, Utah and Arizona, we came, we saw, we concord!

Christmas: Travel to paris

Christmas of 2015 we visit Paris and Malta for the holidays. Alex returns to get a visa renewal that lasted longer than expected. This is another story for when we see you in person


Many Californian Dates

With busy work lifes we promise to make time for a date night here and there, allowing ourselves to be tourists in the place we call home. Date nights in and around Los Angeles.

June: European Vacation

We set off for a European summer holiday, visitng the families along the way. France, UK, Amsterdam and finally Malta where Lara's Brother was getting Married. This would be the first time Alex meets Lara's whole/extended family (she may have forgotten to mention to him that island of Malta's size doesn't represent it's loudness...LOL).


New year: South Africa

An Adventure of a lifetime, we travel to South Africa for our friends wedding.

August 31: Our first home

Feeling very grown up and in it for the long run, we buy a home with a backgarden. Once again the cat approves and we close on our very own home.

The proposal

"A hike?", he said. "sure", she said. They go on a morning hike in the Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu. They reach the top. Breathtaking views. Clear skies. Just the two of them. She turns around. He's down on one knee - "marry me?" he says.

The Wedding

Lara And Alex
Happily invite you to celebrate their wedding
06th October 2018
ceremony at 5pm, reception to follow

The Wedding Location

Traveling from the US? Fly direct to Rome or Florence (trains run from these International airports into Perugia).
Traveling from Europe? Fly direct to Rome, Florence or fly to Perugia airport from Stansted UK.

Transport to and from the wedding venue will be provided (approx. 15 min from the town center).

  • Ceremony & Reception
  • Accomodations Nearby
  • Airport
  • Train Station

Ceremony 5:00 PM

The Gardens - Villa Monticelli

Via del Cammino 16
06125 Perugia – Italy

Reception to follow

Villa Monticelli

Via del Cammino 16
06125 Perugia – Italy

Where to stay & Info

We recommend you stay around the town center area of Perugia for sight seeing and other tourist attractions.
We have a listed a few hotel below, AirBnB is also available.


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Wedding Gifts

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